BIO/CV - Benjamin Zuber

Benjamin Zuber’s conceptual and humorous works begin and end with the temptation of a first try. His installations and videos revolve around ideas whose feasibility keeps questionable until the very last minute. He immerses himself in ambitious projects, meets self-imposed challenges and invents solutions for self-made problems. More than their ambiguous endings, the slightly changes, which occur during these experiments, become vital in Zuber’s projects: The moment pathos turns into melancholia, staging gives birth to authenticity, humor becomes tragedy. His pieces are unconcealed subjective – hence for this reason they maybe picture a small image of the big world.

Zuber (born 1982 in Bamberg) studied until 2012 at the Academies of Fine Arts in Nuremberg and Vienna as well as at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Karlsruhe. Today he lives and works in Berlin. 

 He works in various media with a focus on installation and video and has already received a number of awards, most recently the Bavarian State Award (2018). His works have been shown internationally, most recently in exhibitions at the Kunstpavillon Munich (2018), the Sigmund Freud Museum Vienna (2018) and in Hangzhou / China (2018), where he participated in the organization of an international art festival. 

 Zuber is also active in teaching, from 2013-2019 as assistant professor at the AdBK Nuremberg and internationally in numerous workshops and lectures.  

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