Platzhirsch - Benjamin Zuber


2011, Show at Cirkulations Centralen Malmo


Noun, masculine / Stag who dominates his rivals at the rutting ground and leads the pack / colloquially transferable to persons or companies;

Various aspects of human territorial behaviour are analyzed within a narrow spatial assembly. Static warfare between fetish and shame clashes with the privacy between monopolism and megalomania. The space between bourgeois clichés and military tagging becomes the theoretical display for questions at fine arts. The interface between mobility and pop-up-architecture is manifested as the Platzhirsch‘s golden horn: The whole show came by train.


„Schiesser“ Undershirt, ingrain wallpaper (corrugated by wire), various painting accessory


IKEA shelf-support-crosses „Observatör“, zip tie, artificial leaves


used towels, fiber glass tent poles, curtain rod, tent strings

Zed‘s dead, baby

Towel (African Safari Club), eyelets, tent pole, string, jalousie, wooden zed, black tension foil

The whole show left by train.

The Exhibition is taken down and ready to get transported in a suitcase.