smells like teen spirit - Benjamin Zuber

smells like teen spirit

2013/2016/2017, installation — popstar perfumes, glass boxes, sparkling wine

Many pop stars release their own perfume. At first glance, the variously shaped flacons seem high-quality, but on closer inspection they turn out to be cheap mass production. Each bottle is contained in an all-round closed display case made of colorful glasses, laboriously handcrafted. The counterweight to each display case hung on a string is a selected sparkling wine bottle. Attached to the cork, the fragile glass boxes are latently endangered by falling. Where the thread drawing of the ceiling mounting perhaps reminds one of imaginary constellations, the question of the scent of the perfumes hangs in the room: Is Justin Bieber's sweat bottled in it? Does Kim Kardashian wear her own fragrance?