THERE AM I IN THE MIDST OF THEM Video, 2018 –– coming soon

ZUBER catalogue, 2015, published by Textem Verlag/Hamburg
web version (pdf, 7,9mb)

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Dear objekt and audio, 2016
groupshow curated by Gisa Pantel at SØ, Copenhagen/Denmark
with Birk Bjørlo, Signe Boe, Pia Eikaas, René Haustein, Lea Guldditte Hestelund, Daniel Kiss, Inga Krüger, Benjamin Zuber


CROOKED HORIZONS videoloop, 2016, 8m10s, solo show with Daniel Kiss at PIK, Cologne/Germany; all objects by Daniel Kiss

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JOY solo show at Simultanhalle, Cologne/Germany; catalogue coming soon, published by Strzelecki Books Cologne


HOC EST CORPUS MEUM Video, 2014, 16m50s

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HUNT-A-HINT (pdf, 3,4mb), solo show at Kunstverein Paderborn, Paderborn/Germany, 2014
Der Schachtürke (online documentation), installation and performance with Sebastian Tröger at das weisse haus, Vienna/Austria, 2013
SUPER WILD ASS GUESS (pdf, 2,3mb), solo show at Blackbox Gallery, Copenhagen/Denmark, 2013
united (pdf, 3,1mb), solo show, bavarian funding for graduates, exhibition hall at AdBK Nuremberg/Germany 2013
smart answers to stupid questions (pdf, 3,1mb), solo show at Blackbox Gallery, Copenhagen/Denmark, 2012
Doppelknoten (pdf, 3,3mb), solo show at frappant, Hamburg/Germany, 2012
Platzhirsch (pdf, 1,9mb), solo show at CirkulationsCentralen Malmo/Sweden, 2011

cv (pdf, 40kb), last update: November 2016